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Quelque chose  me turlupine… Pourquoi est-ce que les gens s’évertuent à ramasser les feuilles colorées qui sont sur le sol après être tombées des arbres ? Quelle en est l’utilité ? En ville, je veux bien comprendre, puisque ça peut gêner la circulation, mais dans la nature ? Vous allez vous dire, mais pourquoi pense-t-elle à ça ? Et bien, ce matin, alors que je faisais mon footing dans un parc, j’ai vu des tas de feuilles très organisés, et un monsieur qui ramassait les feuilles. Et je fais comment, moi ? J’adoooooooooore marcher dans les feuilles (je sais, je suis une gamine…) ! Sincèrement, je trouve que ramasser les feuilles est une perte de temps, de toute façon, à l’extérieur, ce ne sera jamais parfait ! Je ne vois pas pourquoi les humains veulent toujours tout contrôler, y compris le nombre de feuilles qui se trouvent sur le sol. C’était mon engagement pour la liberté des feuilles mortes…


Something is annoying me…Why do people absolutely want to pick up the colourful dead leaves which are on the floor after having fall down from the trees ? What for ? I can guess why in the cities, because maybe it can disturb the traffic, but in nature ? You will maybe think : but why is she speaking about that ? The answer is : this morning, I was running in a park, when I saw some very organised piles of leaves, and a guy who were collected them. And me, how can I do now ? Because I loooooove walking in the dead leaves (I know, I am childish). Sincerely, I think that picking up the leaves is a waste of time. Anyway, out, it will never be perfectly clean or well-organised. And I don’t know why the human being always wants to control everything, even the number of leaves which are on the floor. This was my involvement for the freedom of the dead leaves...



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this morning? If I might make a small rectification, it was not this morning but this afternoon, because this lazy girl get up at 12h15 so in the afternoon consequently it was not the morning! fainéante!

Écrit par : Nat | 04/12/2005

freedom of dead leaves? Hello freedom fighter!
I appreciate your involvement for nature. I am quite impressed by the way you actually notice the less noticable. BUT to be honest, it is quite absurd to talk about freedom of dead leaves. Don't you think it is a good idea to find a better place for the leaves, rather than a pavement or a park where everybody steps on them? May all your dead leaves rest in peace and may they remain dead forever.

Écrit par : deep | 04/12/2005

The leaves are adult and responsible ;) To Nathalie : I am not as lazy as you said, as I went to run ! But thanks for this USEFUL rectification !
To Deepak : the leaves go where they want to go. If they want to be on the pavement, why not, that is their choice after all ! OK OK, maybe there are some involments that are more useful than the leaves'freedom. Anyway, I like seeing the leaves, even on the pavement. That is funny, colourful, and beautiful !


Écrit par : Audrey-Laure | 04/12/2005

Go Leaves!, GO!!! Hi Audre, the main problem with the leaves on the floor is the rain: When it rains the leaves becomes very slippery and people can fall down. It's specially dangerous for aged people.
One last thing maybe leaves don't want to go to the paviment and remained glued to it, maybe the just want to leave the tree, but the gravity forces them to fall down :-)
Whit that post I've noticed that the live of a leave is really complicated!!!

Écrit par : Nestor | 05/12/2005

Another point Yes, so maybe the peolple who are picking up the leaves just want to save them ? Well, I didn't think about that ! Poor leaves, they are forced to leave their tree ! :)

Écrit par : Audrey-Laure | 05/12/2005

I'm ready, well I think that I'm ready... Dear Audrey-Laure,
I think that I'm ready to appear now, just have a look before. If you think that it's ok, add me in your link. Thank you to have kept the secret!!!

Écrit par : Nat | 07/12/2005

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